Our Rhizomes

We are a multiplier of Miscanthus Giganteus rhizomes for biomass production purposes.

We work hard to produce high-quality rhizomes so that you are fully satisfied with your crop, which is why we are committed to provide you with rhizomes ensuring a germination capacity of over 90%.

We strive to work on a just-in-time basis to ensure that your giant Miscanthus rhizomes retain their full vitality.

On the other hand, the harvesting technique is specially designed so that the plants express their full potential in your plots.

The rhizomes are packaged in bags of 500 pieces or in big-bags of 10,000 to 18,000 pieces according to your needs.

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This plant called Miscanthus Giganteus is a perennial rhizomatous grass from Central Asia that was imported to Europe for ornamental purposes. The Miscanthus X Giganteus was born from the hybridization between Miscanthus sinensis and sacchariflorus. This hybrid is completely sterile, which has the advantage of avoiding its dispersion in the environment. On the other hand, its C4 photosynthetic mechanism allows it to reach important yields already raised by its hybrid character. France has climates that are very suitable for the Miscanthus Giganteus, hence the importance to give it the attention it deserves. Our advices
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