Opportunities and benefits of the Miscanthus

The Miscanthus has the advantage of having many outlets. However, before planting it, it is necessary to ensure that the crops can be sold. RHIZOSFER can buy your production through contracts of one or more years. This allows you to secure your income by knowing the redemption price and ensuring a very low-varying yield.


This plant has been used for decades as fuel for power plants in Anglo-Saxon countries due to its high biomass potential and calorific value which are particularly interesting.


In the breeding of suckling cattle, space and handling can be important. Since the Miscanthus straw is 3 times more absorbent than cereal straw and is more resistant to crushing, it allows to keep its draining properties longer.

On the other hand, it is ideal for horses’ litter because this straw has the distinction of being non-appetizing, manageable, comfortable and rich in lignin which limits the development of molds.

Horticultural mulching

Ensiled Miscanthus is a very good mulch for flower beds owing to its high lignin content which allows it to last longer and its mulching effect prevents chemical weeding. Other markets such as agro-concrete, bioplastics, paper pulp, second-generation fuels, textiles and horticultural substrates are under study.