The price of the Miscanthus: guaranteed profitability for your crop!

There are numerous outlets for this grass still under study

At Rhizosfer, we are committed to guide you towards a profitable Miscanthus culture. We do not only produce and sell high quality rhizomes. As a company specialized in this agricultural branch, we make it our duty to get involved with our customers. It is important to note that this field is still nascent. Many of the outlets for Miscanthus cultivation are still in the experimental stage. Although this grass holds great value, as shown by various scientific studies conducted by European researchers, we are aware that potential producers first and foremost look for the assurance of the profitability of their plantation.

The guarantee of the benefits is sealed by a contract of one or more years

There are several factors to consider in order to secure the benefits of such an agricultural operation. One of these elements, to which particular attention should be paid, is the selling price per ton. While the demand for this plant is increasing, it is important to be able to secure this income stream by closely analyzing the resale price of the Miscanthus. That's why our company goes beyond being a simple rhizome nursery. We simply propose to contract your productions. This agreement will capitalize on a fixed redemption price and an almost invariable quality of the production. We remain flexible for the duration of the contract period. You can choose an agreement of one or more years depending on your needs. Our goal here is to help you maximize