Achieving a good price stability of the Miscanthus giganteus

Various factors have an impact on the cost of this plant

The Miscanthus giganteus segment of the agricultural industry continues to grow. As research and studies are conducted on this product, new uses are emerging. This hybrid plant is attracting interest from many sectors. Whether in the textile market, or second-generation fuels, bioplastics, agro-concrete, paper pulp or horticultural substrates, new ways of using the Miscanthus giganteus plantations are being put forward. These various developments on this market systematically bring about changes in the price of the Miscanthus giganteus. This phenomenon does not fail to impact Miscanthus giganteus producers, but also on the multipliers of this grass.

Sealing a sales contract to bring consistency to the market

On the other hand, it is important to be able to improve this aspect of this sector. Too much variations in the selling price per ton discourages potential producers. They primarily aim for the profitability of their respective estate. As experts in this field, we offer them our support to achieve a satisfactory return. In order to do this, we recommend that they contract their cultivation. In simple words, we buy their production according to a pre-established agreement. The contract lasts for a period of one or more years so as to ensure the stability of the Miscanthus giganteus redemption price. This approach is in line with the ambitions of our company specialized in the multiplication of this versatile grass. We want to develop the uses of this plant that has so much to offer.