Choose the Miscanthus for your hunting ground

An interesting solution for hunting lands owners

The Miscanthus giganteus is best known for the biomass production. Emerged from a hybridization between two plants of the same species, it can be used in various fields, ranging from biofuel to horticulture, including cattle breeding, construction, and even geotextiles. There are also other potential uses that are currently under study. The hunting field is one of them. The owners of hunting estates find considerable advantages in using the Miscanthus for the development of their lands. It must be said that the characteristics of the plant itself can be used to develop your plot to accommodate game. It also makes things more interesting for hunting enthusiasts. The length of the Miscanthus can reach several meters high. Some growers say that their plants grow up to 4 meters high in the first year.

A shelter for animals during the first three years of your culture

The various studies that has been conducted on the Miscanthus has led to some conclusions, including the fact that it does not have any negative impact on the surrounding biodiversity. In addition, this plant is an excellent refuge for some species. In fact, the planters reveal that during the first year of the cultivation several animals choose to stay there. They are safe until the next harvest. However, it is worth knowing that growing elephant grass is an attractive shelter for animals only during the first three years. Subsequently, it gains so much density that it is difficult for them to enter. This is the reason why this grass is an interesting alternative to grass hedges.